This conference will be organised by the European First Year Experience Network in conjunction with the Teesside University, UK and The University of Manchester , UK.

The aim of the European First Year Experience (EFYE) Conference is to explore the student experience at institutions of higher education across Europe, with a specific focus on the importance of the first year.

By sharing good practices, we wish to get acquainted with innovative actions to support student learning and be introduced to new research so we can create a better learning environment for our higher education students and improve the quality of European higher education.

This year’s central theme is:
Rethinking the First Year Experiences

As this supportive conference enters its sixth year, we focus on the multiplicity of the First Year Experience. We desire to understand the richness and excitement our students experience and how, as practitioners, researchers and policy makers, we can support our students in taking their steps into and through higher education.

Each year thousands of students across Europe jump into higher education. Thousands of these first year students take this big leap forward successfully every year.

The EFYE Committee invites you to join the 6th First Year Experience Conference from 19th – 20th June 2011 in Manchester, UK to bring in good practices, research findings and refreshing ideas from all over Europe and beyond. By sharing our experiences of guiding first year students successfully throughout their first year of higher education, we will have the opportunity to improve the quality of European higher education.

We are excited that, for the first time, the International First Year Experience Conference will also be hosted in the same city and consequently delegates will be able to further enhance their appreciation of the student experiences by attending and contributing to this conference.